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On a recent peregrination around a picturesque southwestern town I noticed two baby-care techniques that may be of interest to you. Both, to my mind, have compelling advantages.
A hot afternoon. Mummy fancies an ice cream. So does toddler in pushchair. Mummy buys two cones, one is filled with ice cream, and the other is left empty. Mummy keeps the full one; toddler gets the empty one. And loves it. Incredulous? Is baby that stupid? Maybe it is. But it works.
Advantages: none of those harmful calories, no sugar to damage the teeth and mummy saves a zloty. Warning: this is a widespread practice but can only be successful where no children under three have tasted ice cream or, if they have, are able to talk about it. Mums must keep ranks.
The second tip is good for babies who are not yet walking. Mummy is out for a walk, carrying baby on her shoulder. Mobile phone goes. Put baby face down on pavement and answer phone. If baby crawls simply block its path with a foot. Baby will soon tire of this game and find something under his nose to play with: a cigarette end, discarded chewing gum, a used match, a bottle top.
Advantages: baby builds up immunity to germs, develops imagination and play skills, and mummy has a trouble-free conversation. Disadvantages: baby may need washing (optional).


• Richard Berkeley is president of the Nowa Orkiestra Kameralna foundation. His column appears in the New Warsaw Express on a fortnightly basis.

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