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Poland opposes the current draft of the European Union's constitution, which the government said on Wednesday would unacceptably limit its influence on EU policy making. It will also seek other changes to the draft, including the controversial proposal to include references to Christian heritage in the preamble.
"For us, the Nice system correctly reflected Poland's political position," said Foreign Minister Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz. "We don't see any reason for change."
The division of power within the EU envisioned by the current Nice system would give Poland 27 votes in the European Council, only two fewer than France or Germany. The draft EU constitution drawn up this year would replace this system in 2009 with a new scheme that would favour larger countries.
The government also wants to ensure that each member country's representative in the European Commission, the EU's executive body, would have full voting power, something the current draft would deny ten commissioners. Poland will also try to promote its idea of group presidency, as opposed to the current system, under which individual countries preside over the EU for six-month terms.
Significantly, the government also yielded to pressure from Catholic circles, including the Polish Episcopate, which have been pressuring for the introduction of a reference to Europe's Christian heritage in the constitution's preamble. Most current EU members are opposed to such a change, but several other Catholic countries have voiced their support for it.


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