Hackers Hacked

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Polish police arrested eight suspected computer hackers on Saturday, accusing them of sending out viruses that allowed them to take control of computers in Poland, Western Europe and the United States.
The suspects, aged from 16 to 23, include six from Lublin, one from Warsaw and one from a small town in Lower Silesia. They face up to five years in prison. The group had managed to install programs on nearly 800 computers, allowing them to monitor operations that included money transactions, and had more than 1,000 CDs with pirated operating systems and programs.
Police also allege that the hackers were responsible for shutting down the server of the Lublin city transportation service, which had apparently drawn their ire by eliminating discount tickets for students.
The news follows an apparently unrelated group's theft in January of account numbers and PINs from clients of Citibank's Polish operations, accomplished by sending them an e-mail with a link to a page made to look precisely like Citibank's. Citibank said it had blocked the site, and that it posed no threat to the bank's customers.


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