In the Cut (Tatuaz)

Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "New Warsaw Express"

Jane Campion may have reached a key point in her career - she's made at least three very good movies but now needs to show us something different. In In the Cut you can feel her trying to move on - but in the end there are too many of the same agendas here as in The Piano or Sweetie. David Fincher followed the totally male Fight Club with a thriller based on two female leads (Panic Room). With a series of feminist movies with very similar themes under her belt, I sort of wish Campion would do the same. None of which is to say In the
Cut is not good. Meg Ryan's stuck-up English professor isn't entirely convincing, but the plot is piled high with tension and messed up situations. Plus there's Campion's aggressively frank approach to sex, both visually and verbally. The film tattoo-motive and grungy look also help the dark tone and there some good twists at the end as Ryan gets very scared indeed. Its definitely a serial killer movie with a twist but my money says Campion can do better.

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