Lesson 2

Lesson 2

Dear Children,

Today we are going to learn how to count. Are you ready? Repeat after me:

one - first
two - second
three - third

No, wait! That's too easy. I know you can count. And you can always count on me to introduce you to some interesting idioms and phrases that will spice up your English and surprise even your native speaking teachers.  

Here is a task for you ...

Complete the following sentences with 'number' expressions:

1. I thought that buying this house was a great idea, but now I am having (watpliwosci)
a.second thoughts

b. second ideas

c. second dilemmas

2. You've failed your driving test twice, but don't give up, (do trzech razy sztuka).

a. three times for the art

b. third time's all right

c. third time's a charm

3. Did you say Mary was eating a chicken sandwich? (To cos nowego), I thought she was a vegetarian.

a. That's a first,

b. that's the first,

c. that's number one,

4. Even though I grew up in a (bardzo malym miasteczku), I enjoy living in a big city.

a. two house town

b. ten people town

c. one horse town

5. Man, oh man, this food is really delicious! I think I am going to have (dokladke).

a.second dishes

b. seconds

c. second plate

6. I'd better check these amounts again, I don't want to (zastanawiac sie czy dobrze zrobilem, czy nie popelnilem bledu) later.

a. second-doubt myself

b. think three times

c. second-guess myself

7. Bob is definitely a workaholic, he works (non-stop).

a. 12/24 (twelve twenty four)

b. 24/7(twenty four seven)

c. 7/24 (seven twenty four)

8. After (wydarzeniach z 11 wrzesnia 2001 r.) many airports have improved their security procedures.

a. 11/9 (eleven-nine)

b. 11/9 (one one nine)

c. 9/11 (nine eleven)

9. I've told you (tyle razy) not to walk around the house with dirty shoes on!

a. empteen times

b. umpteen times

c. offteen times

10. I've bought this photo album in a (ksiegarni z uzywanymi ksiazkami).

a. secondhand bookstore

b. seconduse bookstore

c. secondown bookstore

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