First-time screenwriter Edward Anderson and director Michael Radford attempt to revive the spirit of Ealing in this game - if far-fetched - caper. Set in the not-yet-swinging London of 1960, Demi Moore plays Laura Quinn, an elegant but cynical woman, who works as an executive at the London Diamond Company. Repeatedly passed over for promotion, Laura finds her career petering out in a haze of bitterness and cigarette smoke. Michael Caine is Mr Hobbs, the cheerful old cleaner to whom the top brass pay little attention as he trundles about with his trolley and mops. Laura is astonished when Mr Hobbs makes so bold as to offer her a proposal. Over decades of under-appreciated and underpaid work, he has worked out how to get into the vault and steal a handful of diamonds without detection. But he needs her help. You will need a very sweet tooth for this kind of thing, and, to be quite frank, the heist itself is not dramatised all that excitingly or clearly. But I quite like thrillers featuring enormous circular vault doors.


far-fetched – naciagany, nieprawdopodobny

haze - opary

peter out – kończyć się

repeatedly - wielokrotnie

top brass – (potoczne) szefowie, grube ryby

trundle – toczyć się, jechać

under-appreciated - niedoceniony

vault - skarbiec

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