Hannah and Her Sisters


A full face of Lee, wearing a gray sweater and leaning
against the dining room doorway. She gazes into the camera
with a half-smile on her face as Elliot speaks over the

God, she's beautiful.

Lee glances over her shoulder, then turns from the doorway
and walks away. The camera follows her, moving across a
book-and-photograph-filled bookshelf that obscures her from
view as she walks into a crowded, comfortable vestibule.
People, some holding drinks, some just entering the
apartment, surround her. Everyone is talking at once,
carrying on easy, familiar conversation.

She's got the prettiest eyes, and
she looks so sexy in that sweater.

Lee smiles at the various people, exchanging greetings.

Hi, how are you?

Two more guests enter the apartment; the vestibule is full
now. Still walking, Lee lightly hugs one of the children as
she continues on her way towards the living room. Elliot's
voice, as well as the jazzy music, is heard.

I just want to be alone with her
and hold her and kiss her...

Lee walks into the living room, turning her head back for a
moment to talk to the child she has just hugged.

...and tell her how much I love her
and take care of her. Stop it, you
idiot. She's your wife's sister.
But I can't help it.

The camera is still moving with Lee as she smiles and stops
to chat with her mother. Elliot's voice, as well as the
music, continues over the low din of warm conversation.

I'm consumed by her. It's been
months now. I dream about her. I-
I, I think about her at the office.
Oh, Lee.
What am I gonna do?

Lee starts to walk off again, finishing her conversation
with her mother. She passes several other guests, then
turns to greet April, giving her a warm, brief hug.

I hear myself mooning over you, and
it's disgusting. Before, when she...

Elliot's voice-over continues as he is actually seen,
standing in a doorway having a conversation with a gesturing,
rotund man. Both are holding drinks as Lee, carrying a tray
of hors d'oeuvres and two drinks, walks between them. The
space is very tight; the men hold up their drinks to make
room for her.

...squeezed past me in the doorway,
and I smelled that perfume on the
back of her neck...

Elliot watches Lee walk off; the other man, oblivious,
continues to talk. Elliot reluctantly returns to the
conversation, but he can't help turning his head to gaze at
the offscreen Lee as the other man chatters on.

...Jesus, I, I thought I was gonna
swoon! Easy...

The camera resumes following a smiling Lee. She has just
put down the tray and drinks near April, and briskly and
obliviously, she walks past a doorway where Elliot, still
ruminating, watches her, entranced.

You're a dignified financial
advisor. It doesn't look good for
you to swoon.

The camera stays with Elliot, who is still watching the
offscreen Lee. In the background, guests continue to
chatter warmly with each other.

Hannah, carrying a tray of hors d'oeuvres, walks up behind
the distracted Elliot.

(nibbling on an hors d'oeuvre)
Elliot? Elliot?
(rubbing his shoulder)

Elliot returns from his reveries with a start.

(turning to Hannah)

(pointing to the tray)
Have you tried these? These are
(nibbling, swallowing)
Holly and her friend made them.

Elliot, taking one of the hors d'oeuvres, starts nibbling as
well as he and Hannah walk past the bookshelf into the
living room.

They're fantastic.

(overlapping, still eating)
Aren't they great?

Your sister is an unbelievable cook.

I know! I know!

Elliot and Hannah, eating and talking, walk past a hallway
and offscreen as Holly appears, walking down the hallway.
She holds a drink and a plate of hors d'oeuvres; she stands
at the entrance to the hallway, eating and looking at the
offscreen guests.

(walking offscreen)
She has all the cooking talent.

(walking offscreen, swallowing)
No, she doesn't, either. You've
got tons as well.

Ohhh, but I've eaten five of these.

Holly, standing in the hallway onscreen, swallows loudly.

overlapping Holly)
Holly, why don't you open your own

(turning to the
offscreen Elliot and
Hannah, trying to swallow)
Mmm, we practically are. Well...
(holding her hand to
her mouth)
not a restaurant, but...
April and I are going to do some

What? You're kidding!

No, no, we decided!

Holly takes a sip of her drink as Hannah and Elliot walk
over to her.


(nodding and swallowing)
Mmm...I mean, we love to cook for
our friends, so
we thought until an acting job
comes through, we could just make
some extra money, you know, doing a
few private parties.

Great idea.

I know.

(overlapping Hannah)
That's where your talent lies.

(swallowing and nodding)
I know.

Holly and Hannah begin to laugh.

(gesturing to Elliot,
still laughing)
Get outta here.
(to Hannah)
Could I speak to you privately?

Oh, sure.

Holly and Hannah walk off; Elliot watches them leave.

(calling after them
as he nibbles on an
hors d'oeuvre)
I'm her husband! She tells me

briskly- energicznie, żwawo
chatter- trajkotać, gawędzić
dignified- pełen godności, dystyngowany
din- hałas
gaze- patrzeć, wpatrywać się, przypatrywać się
glance- spoglądać, rzucać okiem
hors d'oeuvre- przystawka
nibble on- przegryzać, skubać
nod- potakiwać, skinąć głową
oblivious- nieświadomy
obscure- zaciemniać
overlap- zazębiać się, pokrywać się
resume- rozpoczynać od nowa
reverie- zaduma
rotund- otyły
ruminate- dumać, rozmyślać, medytować
sigh- wzdychać
sip- łyk
squeeze- przeciskać się
swoon- mdleć


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