Travel and transport



cruise- a journey by sea, visiting different places, as a holiday (a verb or a noun)
We spent two weeks cruising the Bahamas.
journey- going a long distance
The journey to New York was long and tiring.
travel- the general idea of going from one place to another (a verb or a noun)
Travel broadens the mind.
How are you going to travel? By train or by plane?

trip- going somewhere for pleasure or a specific purpose and for a short period (a holiday trip / a business trip)
I’m going away tomorrow on a business trip.
voyage- going somewhere by ship
Would you like to go on a long ocean voyage?


arrive at / in
book a flight / a ticket
check in / out
depart from
get into / get out of / drive a car
get on / get off / ride / fall off a bicycle / a horse
get on / get off / catch / miss a train / a bus / a plane
go on a trip / an excursion
set off (out)
take a taxi / a bus / a tram / a tube

You can travel / go:
by air: plane, balloon, helicopter, zeppelin, hang-glider, magic carpet;
by land: walking, hitch-hiking, skateboarding, roller-skating, on a donkey / horse / bicycle / motorcycle, on foot, by tram / rickshaw / cable car;
by sea: ship, boat, yacht, submarine, canoe, motor-boat, raft, rowing boat, hovercraft, ferry, liner, swimming, windsurfing;

buses: a fare, a ticket, a passenger, an inspector, a stop;
cars: a dual carriageway, the fast lane, roadworks, a lay-by, a seatbelt, a passenger, a parking meter, a driving test, a taxi rank;
planes: to check in, Customs, a fare, a ticket, a seatbelt, a passenger, to take off, to land, a departure lounge, a flight, first-class, a terminal, a gate, a boarding card;
ships: Customs, a lifeboat, a cabin, a deck, a cruise, a passenger, a port, a life-belt, first-class, a steward, a harbour;
trains: a guard, Customs, a platform, a compartment, a carriage, a fare, a ticket, a passenger, a single, an inspector, first-class, a track, a steward;

Study the vocabulary above and do the test below.


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