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There are a lot of interesting places on the world. I like visit new parts of our planet but the most of all I like to see enigmatic places often connected with history. I got interested in archaeology when I was thirteen. I read a lot of books of Egypt, the Bermuda Triangle but there is one thing about which books tell very little even it is really valuable place. I mean about The Nazca Lines.

If you fly over the desert in south Peru near the city of Nazca you will see huge patterns on the ground. Some of this patterns are geometric shapes and some of them are similar to the birds, fishes and the other animals shapes.

Scientists tells, that this signs must have been done between 300 B.C (Before Christ) and 900 A.D ( Amo Domini). They cover the area thirty – seven miles long and one mile wide. This is the largest prehistoric work in the world. People called them Nazca Lines, because they were first discovered near Nazca in the middle in this century. A pilot flying over the desert saw strange patterns on the surface of the ground. Patterns were visible only from the air because they were so big.

We still don’t know these lines and what for? One theory is that they used as a prehistoric computer to solve mathematical problems and study the stars. They might have been done by some alien visitors from a stars shuffle. Maybe a strange phenomenon made these lines – we may only hypothesis. I dream about travel over the Nazca desert, but I think it would cost a lot of money so I can only see it on the photo – pictures.

And what about prehistoric Egypt? I learned much about pyramids and pharaohs graves in Kings Valley. I was surprised that after discovery the tomb of Tutankhamun in Luxor it tuned out that it had been robbed. Scientists think that a big part of pharaohs jewellery disappeared from the first corridor of the tomb just after the burial ceremony . Valuable things were robbed by Egyptian priests, who as we know often cheated people and a king. Only one grave’s was unharmed. There was an anathema for everybody who would open its stone – door. Archaeologists entered this room paying no attention to the curse. They found unexpectedly beautiful gold mask which was later placed in Kair’s National Museum.
Some years later people who took part in discovery began away by turns. We may suppose that it was caused by the anathema of Tutankhamun. This fact still remains a mystery to this day. Maybe I could go to Egypt if I worked very hard and earned a big sum of money, but I don’t feel like doing it. The reason of it my fear of Tutankhamun’s curse, I’m unfortunately superstitious.

Mateusz Michalski

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