The story in my earliest memory

When I was young I drove to the mountains with my parents. We were sleeping in a household with very nice old people. There were a lot of animals for example cows, horses, sheep and hens. One day we went to the forest to bring some mushrooms for supper. I was very unhappy because I found only some toadstool. Because I was very tired. We decided to do a little break. When we were sitting on the grass suddenly I saw a bull. I didn’t see this animal before and I wanted to have a photo with it. I was going to it. Unexpected when I was very near it started to run towards me. The bull wasn’t bind! It was terrifying! The animal was upset and howled very loud. I had only seven years and bull was much faster than me. I was screaming and crying. It was going very fast but luckily my father held me and jumped into the river. The animal stayed ashore.
I don’t want to think what would happen if my dad didn’t help me.

Agata Górecka

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