Golota Back for the Prize

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Poland?s heavyweight Andrzej Golota will get his second chance at a world title this April when he faces International Boxing Federation champ Chris Byrd at New York?s Madison Square Garden. Golota became a Polish hero in the mid-1990s, when he fought his way to a title bout with Lennox Lewis, only to be demolished within 90 seconds of the opening bell.
Lewis recently retired from the ring, but 36-year-old Golota is fighting on. Despite an assault charge hanging over his head after an incident in Sopot last year, he remains a sure-fire draw for Polish fans. The fight in New York will be covered by payper-view TV. As a result, the purse to be divided between the two boxers is expected to top several million dollars.
Commentators note Golota will have a clear physical advantage in the fight, weighing 14 kilos more, six centimetres taller and with a 13cm longer reach. But Byrd is acknowledged as a better technical fighter, faster around the ring and with quick hands.
?He?ll beat Golota on points,? said trainer Al Certo, who coached Golota in his fight with Mike Tyson six years ago. Golota famously withdrew from the bout with Tyson in the second round, without having been seriously injured.


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