Malysz On Top, But Very Angry Indeed

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The weekend's opening to this year's skijumping season ended in familiar fashion on Sunday, with Poland's number-one sporting hero Adam Malysz embedded at the top of the World Cup rankings. But Malysz's two second places on Friday and Sunday were largely overshadowed by the shattering fall of Austrian jumper Thomas Morgenstern, which led to the annulling of Saturday's round due to high winds.
As it turned out, Morgenstern emerged almost unscathed despite passing out in the midst of a series of somersaults in the air and on landing. But along with the majority of jumpers and trainers present, Malysz and Polish officials were scathing in their criticism of the decision to go ahead with the competition.
"[Chief referee] Walter Hofer says that he cares for the safety of the jumpers, but in reality he doesn't bother with us," said Malysz. "Here again he wanted artificially to force the completion of the jumps... Three jumpers fell today because of that sort of stupidity."
Two other jumpers had earlier fallen amid wind consistently exceeding the five metreper- second limit standard for competitions. Trainers were almost united in saying that officials should not have pushed ahead, but said that it was significant that younger jumpers had fallen.


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