Disaster Movie





The new brand of "spoof" movie is starting to look less and less like a satire, or something with a genuine comic identity of its own, and more and more like a simple humourless knockoff, a generic can of "own brand" supermarket beans. It's like a celluloid bottle of Fine Fare Cola. Like all the rest, Disaster Movie serves up a low-rent reminder of popular box-office movies and popular American TV shows ... and, well, that's pretty much it. It does not restrict itself to disaster movies as such (which wouldn't matter if it was funny) but the audience are evidently supposed to point and laugh at simply recognising, say, Wolf from American Gladiators, or at any rate the actor got up to look like him. All too often there is no actual joke in attendance, although I do concede that Crista Flanagan gives a shrewd impression of the pregnant Ellen Page in Juno. Most British audiences will of course not recognise purely American TV references, and we, the culturally oppressed, may incidentally resent an American actor pretending to be Amy Winehouse with a limey-speak accent talking about "drinking gasoline". Drinking what? The Zucker/Abrahams movies were genuinely funny, at least some of the time. But this?


attendance – obecność, frekwencja

concede - uznawać

generic – bez marki

knockoff – tania kopia, podróbka

limey-speak – angielska wymowa (negatywne)

reminder - przypomnienie

resent – mieć pretensje, obrażać się

shrewd – trafny

spoof – bujda, kawał

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