Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "Guardian"

Peter Bradshaw
Friday November 24, 2006
The Guardian

Santa's traditional cry of ho-ho-ho has never sounded more like three stab wounds of pain and horror. This is a film so utterly without humanity or humour, it's almost scary. It is a shiny, empty second sequel that has been factory-made for the Christmas market.
Tim Allen returns yet again in the deeply creepy and unlovable part of the real Santa, who has a blonde attractive wife who lives with him, and with whom she presumably has Santa sex - eeuuuwww - and there are all the unfunny kid elves in Santaworld, North Pole. That otherwise funny comic actor Martin Short plays Jack Frost, scheming to take over Santa's empire - but Short can get no laughs out of a script this dire. Alan Arkin and Ann-Margret play Santa's parents-in-law, unaware of the real identity of the man their daughter married, and when they come to stay, they have to be duped into believing they are in Canada, with results that are not at all hilarious.
Arkin has the frozen look of a man doing this purely for the money. Actually, everyone has this same look. Tim Allen's grinning face could appear in a dictionary next to the phrase "menopausal self-loathing". Ann-Margret is mentally lying back and thinking of Elvis.

creepy- odrażający, koszmarny
dire- okropny; zgubny
dupe into- nabierac na
elves, od elf- elfy ( od „elf”)
grin- szczerzyć się
hilarious- zabawny
lie back- leżeć na plecach; rozluźniać się
mentally-mentalnie, psychicznie, umysłowo
presumably- przypuszczalnie
purely- jedynie, wyłącznie
scheme- spiskować
stab wound- rana cięta
take over- przejąć
unaware- nieświadomy
utterly- całkowicie, kompletnie


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