The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "Guardian"

The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

Cert 15

Peter Bradshaw
Friday October 1, 2004
The Guardian

Peter Sellers used to say that there was once a real "him" but he'd had it surgically removed. This gimmicky biopic - whose alleged controversy now looks very negligible - leaves you feeling as if you had been staring at the amputated stump for two hours.
Geoffrey Rush leads the all-star cast as Sellers, all mercurial temperament and cruelty. The movie's chief tic is having Sellers step out of frame, and imitate the people in his life with the aid of wigs and costumes, addressing shrewd comments to us in their personae. It irritatingly undermines the off-camera reality in which we're supposed to be taking an interest and in any case misunderstands the point of Sellers' impersonations and wacky voices. They enabled him to escape from real life and demonstrated his emotional autism and lack of insight into other people and into himself.
John Lithgow does a decent job as the Panther director Blake Edwards, descending into weary unhappiness in tandem with Sellers, and Rush is perhaps the only possible casting as the lead. They cannot, however, inject life into this superficial and unsatisfying film.

aid - pomoc
alleged - rzekomy
biopic - film biograficzny
decent - przyzwoity
descend - zniżać, schodzić
enable - umożliwiać
gimmicky - chwyty reklamowe
impersonation - podawanie się
inject - wstrzykiwać
insight - wgląd
mercurial - fanaberyjny, zmienny
misunderstand - żle zrozumieć
negligible - mało istotny
remove - usuwać
shrewd - bystry, przenikliwy
stare - wpatrywać się
stump - kikut
superficial - powierzchowny
surgically - chirurgicznie
tic - tik nerwowy
undermine - podważać
wacky - dziwaczny, ekscentryczny
weary - zmęczony, znużony
wig - peruka

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