How to Use Grammar Slammer Deluxe

How to Use Grammar Slammer Deluxe!

This program works like any other Web Site. If you can use an Internet browser, you can use Grammar Slammer Deluxe.

Marked or Underlined Words

Click on any Marked word or words and you will go to that topic.

(See the marked word Grammar Contents below.)

Most browsers show the marked words as underlined words, but some users have different preferences. The marked words may be indicated by a different color or font style.

This is adapted from a program written for Windows Help files. Because it is adapted for users of varioius non-Windows platforms, we are using only features common to all Web Pages or HTML so users of other systems can get the same information using their own system's web browser. Because of this, it does not have some features that the Windows program has--a floating toolbar, start when computer starts, or pop-up windows, for example. However, the nearly 900 web pages here contain all the information that the Windows version has. We recommend working from the various contents pages such as those noted below.

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