Crowquill: To My First Love

This heart has beat to many a one,
  To many, passing fair;
But oh! the Love which first it knew,
  Still lingers fondly there;—
Though brighter eyes have beamed on me,—        5
  And rosier lips I’ve prest,
The Love which first I felt for thee—
  Yet dwells within my breast.
Tho’ softer skies are o’er me now,
  And stars shine brighter here;        10
Tho’ Nature wears a sunny smile
  And birds sing all the year,
Yet I would fain them all resign,
  To dwell once more with thee,
For one sweet smile from lips like thine,        15
  Were dearer far to me.
As memory clings around the spot,
  Where first the breath we drew,
And all our kindlier thoughts are placed
  On scenes that first we knew—        20
So earliest Love still twines around
  The heart which beats to ours,
As Summer’s sweetest dew is found
  Upon the earliest flowers.

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