Letter to my friend

My dear Ann!

I’m wondering if you could do me favour. My friend Julia is coming to England next month. Can she stay with you? Oh, I know you and I’m sure, that you agree. Thank you!
I describe Julia to helps to you recognize her when she comes to you.
She is a pretty blonde and she has beautiful sky-blue eyes. She is tall and very slim. I sometimes think that she is too thin, but when I tell her that, she begins to laugh! Anyway, you will find out yourself. Her hair is long and tick and her skin is very suntanned.
Big coloured sunglasses which she usually wears her are characteristic. She likes wear exotic clothes. Her blouses are often tight and very colour and her skirts are very short. Oh, I forget! She always wears big circle or triangle shaped earrings .
She is lovely but she is a little crazy. She’s often full of crazy ideas! I like her because she’s very sensitive and helpful. She has superb heart! I’m sure that you will get to like Julia.
She is very talented and she is able to help you to do your homework! You will have a good time! Once more I thank you!

Your Kate!

Monika Kaczkan

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