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Dear Anna 23,June 2002
I decided to write to you, because I have a great news. It’s unbelivable, but true. Do you remember David, your best friend from primary school?
One day he was walking to his work, and he saw a black cat crossing David’s way. As you know, he isn’t superstitious, so he didn’t care of that.
Maybe you don’t know, but David is a worker on a supermarket’s site.That day during his lunch break, he was standing on a scaffold, and eating cheese
sandwich with tomato. Suddenly the tomato fell down, and David stooped down to lift it up.And then, guess what happened? The giant,heavy, iron bean fell to this place whare David was standing few minutes before. It was a really
lucky tomato, don’t you? So, as you can you see now he is very happy man. That event was in every local newspaper. It was something like a miracle!
How are you and your husband? I hope that everything is fine. Did you find a new job? I am looking forward to receiving a letter from
All best wishes
your Agata.

Agata Radzik

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