Strange dream

I had a strange dream last night.In my dream I was a person,but I had pretty,golden wings and I could fly.
Every day I was flying above a big town and I heard shouting of a little girl.
I was jumping on the Earth and I was running to a child.I found her and I said “Don’t worry,little child.Don’t cry.I will take you to stars.”
A girl stopped crying.She was smiling to me.
“I will give you name Adrianne”I said and I soared to clouds taking the baby in arms.
When I and Adrianna were,higher than the Sun,next to us there flying mermind with green tail and green wings,too.”It’s amazing!” I whispered watching this fantastic creation.Mermind was shouting to me “Hello!” and I was shouting “Hello”,too.
A little Adrianna was smiling.Suddenly she was speaking!A little girl said “Thank you!Listen,before long grow up me wings and I will become a bird!”.
I was puzzled,but I hadn’t time for dream,because my wings vanished!But the wings
grew up for Adrianna and rise up and she left me alone.Without wings I was falling down…
When I was waking up in my bed,next to was lying golden feather from my
wings…“I love my baby”…

Aneta Kuziak

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