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Proszę o sprawdzenie

Postautor: Wojskowi21 » 30 wrz 2015, 16:56

Proszę o sprawdzenie listu formalnego.

Dear, Mr Browns
I am writing to describe the bad condition of the building and to propose a solution to the problem.
When i first came to this school It looked much better.Now the condition of our school building is appalling.The main drawback is that the heating in the school does not function. Plaster falls from the walls,in some rooms do not close the door.On the gym floor also needs to be repaired because it is already very tired
They definitely need to carried out a major overhaul of the entire building. there is no simple solution to the problem because condition of the building is very bad. It goes without saying that you should at first repair heating because it is the most import_ant.I definitely believe that you should ask for financial assistance town.
It would be in everyone's interests to improve the standards in the school. Students need a good learning environment. It is very import_ant that the school was warm and pleasant because students spend much time here.I feel very strongly about this issue and hope that we shall see some improvements soon.

Yours faithfully,
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