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mamdo napisania do szkoly prezentacje i prosilabym o pomoc w jej sprawdzeniu Smile

About Neal Shusterman

Shusterman has always enjoyed writing, even as a young boy growing up in Brooklyn, New York.
He moves with his family to Mexico at the age of 16. Upon graduating high school from the American School Foundation of Mexico City he attended college at UC Irvine. He had a spot on the swim team and wrote a humor column.
After college he worked at Arthur Associates in L.A. where he met his agent - Lloyd Seagan. He had his first book deal and a screenworking job within a year.
Since then he wrote for movies and television shows. He had also wrote his own novels and has experience in film directing. He holds a high reputation as a great storyteller and speaker and is asked to speak at many conferences for teens and childrens.
Now he lives in Southern California with his four children.

About the book

'Unwind' was initialy to be a single book, but because of the huge success the author decided to create an entire dystology.
If i had to asses ,,Unwind'' just by its cover, I wouldn't read it.
Not that I don't like it, for me all these wires protuding from a hand like vein are simply odious.
But the proverb says that you shouldn't judge a book by ist cover, so I read the blurb and, if someone had asked me then, what I would have taken to a desert island, my answer would be defenetly ,,Unwind''.
Because its description was so intriguing I strted to read.
Inside I found an engrossing story that drive me back into the seat.
In the near future public opinion is divided into two camps - some are for the protection of life, others support the free choice of women on the issue of having or not children.
In reality created by Shusterman people estabilished the 'Bill of life' - the law under which human life is protected, but only for a time when a child turns thirteen. After that parents have the right to retroactively 'abort' a kid, under the condition that the child's life doesn't technically end.
The process by which a child is, both, terminated and yet kept alive is called 'unwinding'. Doctors shatters body into pieces, organ after organ, so that people who need them to survive receive them. During the surgery one is conscious but doesn't realy feel pain.
I'll be honest and say it directly: the idea for this story is sick and little bit psychopathic, but probably because of that it's so incredibly addictive. People like to experience shock while reading a book and in this respect the author came up trumps.
Apperently it's a teenager novel acting as entertainment but in spite of everything it tends to think.
First of all, the reader reflect the value of life and it also was probably Shusterman point. Reflections accompany the reader from the first to the last page, and even though reading one enjoys himself through excentlly drawn action, still the question of abortion hangs around somewhere in the back of the head. Besides, in the book the issue of abortion seems much more complex then in our world.
The procedure of unwinding has been so minutely described that this send shivers up my spine, and shock hasn't left me for the next few das.
But I appereciate the innovation of the author, because the orginality of his work can't be denied. Other writers can hide, because in conparishion to ,,Unwind'' theirs anti-utopias are ridicullous.
And here orginality is one of the many advantages. We must remember that the autor tried for a fast paced action with many interesting topics, light style and effective ending. It should also be borne in mind that characters created by Shusterman have really interesting personalities
There are three protagonist cast to unwind that flee from transport and are trying to avoid theirs cruel fate. They go an a desperate journey driven by a constant struggle for life. If they survive till eighteenth birthday, they will be safe. But in a world in which the system wants to have every piece of their body, adulthood seems to be very far away.
Connor is a typical rebellious teenager. He doesn't has good grades and gets in a lot of fights. His parents get tired of his attitiude and signed the unwind order. His escape creates a legend about him and the stories become more elaborate with each telling. Connor changes from being an uncontrolled fighter to a person who contains his rage enough to rationalize and see what’s hidden in many dangerous situations.
Risa, a resident of an orphanage is not talented enough to be it worthwhile to keep her alive. She is also extremely smart, resourceful, and tough girl who can take good care of herself. During their escape she manages to get food, clothes, and get out of many sticky situations.
Levi, in comparishion to others two, has a good relationship with his family. They are very religious and love each other, but as the tenth child in the family Lev is a 'tithe' which means, that he is slated to be unwound as a religious sacrifice. He always knew that he would be unwound, and understand that it was his life purpose. On his way to the harvest camp, Lev is abducted by Connor. The events which follows cause Lev to question every aspect of his life, especially his unwinding. Levi begins to feel that his parents love Jesus more than they love him, which causes him to feel more and more hatred towards his family for wanting to tithe him. His honorable behavior keeps him alive at the end of the story.
The antagonists in this book are the government, that cause the main conflict, Roland, a bully wanting to be more powerfull then everyone else and society, because they started to fight over abortion and are okey with teens being unwound.
Of course there are others characters like Admiral, Mai or Endy and my favourite person – CyFi. His full name is Cyrus Finch, he isn't Unwind, rather he ran away from his family because the thoughts from an unwind's temporal labe, took over his own thoughts. Cyrus fights between the disorder he is dealing with and being himself. Also, because of the portion of the brain from Tyler he received he often feels his emotions and can even see the boy in the mirror.
Macabre, but how cool to read it. One thing is certain - this book provide the whole palette of emotions.
Unwind is good and also quite brutal novel, which can't be easily forgotten. Neal Shusterman definitely deserves your attention, and I hope that my review will encourage somene to read.

About the film

Constantin Film, the label of such films as ,,Resident Evil'' has purchased the film rights to the novel. It isn't known yet when exactly the film will came out.

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To racja, napisane zostało to konkretnie i przemyślanie.
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