strona bierna - sprawdzenie

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strona bierna - sprawdzenie

Postautor: srebexx » 09 cze 2014, 20:55

Passive Voice. Change the sentences into the passive form.

1. They cancelled all flights becouse of the fog.
2. We must do something about this noise from the motorway.
3. People haven't used this road many years.
4. Nobody told me about the meeting.
5. They will not pay me much for this work.
6. They close the gates at 6 p.m.
7. They heven't invited me to the wedding.
8. Sgould they prepare something before the reception?
9. How did they rescue the passengers from the ship?
10. Why couldn't they carry the man ?

1. All flights were cancelled by them due to the fog
2. Something must be done with the noise from the motorway
3.This road has not been used by people for many years
4.I wasn't informed about the meeting
5. I was told by them that I won't earn much from this work
6. Gates are closed at 6 pm
7. I have not been invited to the wedding by tchem
8. Is there anything to be prepared by us?
9. How the passengers were rescued from the ship by them?
10 .why the man couldn't be carried by them?
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Re: strona bierna - sprawdzenie

Postautor: ninjakick » 11 cze 2014, 14:52

All flights were cancelled because of the fog.
I won't be paid much for this work.
Something must be done about this noise from the motorway.
This road has not been used for many years.
I wasn't informed of the meeting.
Gates are closed at 6 pm.
I haven't been invited to the wedding.
Should anything be prepared before the reception?
How were the passengers rescued from the ship?
Why couldn't the man be carried?
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Re: strona bierna - sprawdzenie

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