6 Important Things to Avoid When Designing Forms

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6 Important Things to Avoid When Designing Forms

Postautor: marilet7273 » 18 gru 2017, 9:09

Webform have been part of the web design world for years. However, designing forms can be both a vital component of the web design, but can also be difficult to execute effectively. To help insure your Webforms are an intrical part of your client’s website, here are six different things to avoid when designing forms.

First, it is important for the user to be able understand the field they are completing. Do not assume the user knows what to input into the field. Instead, make sure the fields are labeled clearly with the type of data they need to input. If the field label is not common knowledge, make sure to define the field for the user to help avoid any misunderstanding.

Second, while it may be common to use the option to allow the user to connect the form with their social media account, keep in mind this may pose an additional security risk that makes it less desirable. Instead, consider allowing the user to create their own account to access the Webform and save their personal information for future use. For sensitive information, linking to social media is not preferred. If linking social media sites to the Webform, make sure the user is provided with the necessary information regarding both their social media account information, as well as any additional data they input into the form.

Third, do not use error messages that does not provide the user a solution to the problem. For instance, if the user is having a hard time logging into the Website design Auckland, make sure there is an option for being redirected to a way to reset their login information or to contact the company to have their information reset. Failing to provide the user with feedback when an error message is given that offers a solution, may result in the user looking for a different company to work with out of frustration.

Fourth, do not make creating an account too cumbersome. If the user feels creating an account requires an excessive amount of time and effort, they may be less likely to create an account. With so many different logins and passwords needed in the digital world today, it can be frustrating for many people to try to remember additional information. One idea is to allow the user to use their email address as their login name, making it easier for them to remember. It also makes it easier for the user to reset their password, or to have information regarding their account sent to the same email address.

Fifth, do not limit the field of vision on the Webform. When users need to provide information that is larger than the size of the textbox provided, they often become frustrated with having to guess at what they typed, or having to scroll through what they have written. Instead, make sure the textbox is large enough for the user to be able to see the majority of the content they have entered without scrolling. If larger amount of text is required for a field, try to reduce the amount of scrolling that is required for them to view the text.

Sixth, requiring users to have to go through multiple sequences to access their desired information can be extremely frustrating for the user. It is also frustrating for the user to complete a large amount of information for a Webform on multiple pages, to then get an error message saying a field is not completed correctly. Even more frustrating is not being able to easily locate the field that needs to be corrected. If the form requires multiple pages, make sure it is easy for the user to navigate and correct any errors so they can then submit the form successfully.

It is important to ensure you avoid these common mistakes with designing Webforms. It makes it easier for a company to receive important data from customers. It also makes it possible for the user to have a positive experience and view of the company based on their experience completing the form.
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