Just Wright

Queen Latifah stars in an easygoing romcom with a surfeit of sentiment.

Easy-going and sweet-natured, this "romantic sports comedy" finally dissolves into a gooey mess of over-cooked comfort food. Queen Latifah plays Leslie Wright, the physical therapist with a passion for basketball. Her super-hot roommate Morgan, played by Paula Patton (the inspirational teacher in Precious) is keen to be what we Brits might call a Wag: she's fixing to snag a basketball player as a husband, and both have a crush on NBA heavyweight Scott McKnight, played by hip-hop star Common (aka Lonnie Rashied Lynn Jr). Scott is dazzled by the beautiful Morgan; they get engaged, but when he picks up a serious injury, it is the entrancingly homely Leslie who has to massage him back to health, and Scott finds himself falling for her instead. It's a nice romantic triangle, but can't quite make up its mind about Morgan: we have to root for her just a little, but then she's got to be the bad guy, breaking and then unbreaking Scott's heart. It's a little muddled, though there are worse date movies than this.

dazzled : zaślepiony

dissolve : rozpuszczać się

entrancingly : czarująco

gooey : lepki

have a crush : zakochać się

muddled : poplątany

snag : zaczepiać

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