The Kid

Natascha McElhone is a surprising inclusion in a misery-lit/hardman hybrid. By Peter Bradshaw

Based on the memoir by Kevin Lewis – the kind to be found in the bookshop's "Difficult Lives" section – this film is a bizarrely acted misery-lit/hardman hybrid, the story of a child's brutal abuse from an uncaring mother which morphs into a complacent apologia, structured in the same way as all the self-pitying, self-serving geezer films claiming to know exactly what led up to those drug-dealers being murdered in their Range Rover. Rupert Friend plays Kevin, who survived horrific treatment from a violent mother, became a bare-knuckle boxer, got involved (as a purely innocent victim) in the criminal underworld and through the love of a good woman became a bestselling author. Very strangely, the role of his horrible mum, complete with false teeth and coke-bottle glasses, is taken by Natascha McElhone, otherwise renowned as one of the world's most beautiful and stylish women. This is a bit like seeing Audrey Hepburn cast as Olive in On the Buses. It is deeply bewildering to see McElhone scream: "FACK OFF you little FACKER or I will FACKING sort you AHT" while she shoves little Kevin's head in the microwave, like Janet Street-Porter on crack. If you have tears, prepare to shed them for some other tale of woe.

abuse : wykorzystywać, molestować

bewildering : wprowadzający w konsternację

bizarrely : dziwacznie

complacent : zadowolony z siebie

geezer : zgred, pryk; ramolowaty

morph (into) : przeistaczać się (w)

shed(tears) : ronić (łzy)

underworld : półświatek

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