Confusing words 2


CONFUSING WORDS II WAYS OF LOOKING There are many words connected with ways of looking , therefore is crucial to know the meaning of each word and the way it can be used . Look at the following list of words. Try to do the following exercise. If you have any problems , look at the vocabulary list with definitions. 1. The grandfather stared/glared at the grandchildren who were late for his birthday party. 2. Don? glare/stare at the sun , it is very unhealthy for your eyes 3. When I was younger I had very optimistic outlook/sight on life 4. She felt insulted but I hadn?t noticed/remarked her. 5. I caught a glimpse/glance of his face as he rode past me. 6. Her perfect sight /look helped her to get this job. 7. The sight/view from my balcony was magnificent 8. There is a strong resemblance/appearance between my children. 9. I needed a second to glimpse/glance at his test 10. He just stood and gaped/gazed as his house was on fire glance- to look at something very quickly; give/take /shoot/throw a glance (at) glimpse/catch/get a glimpse of ? to see something by chance for a short period of time gaze-to look at something interesting or beautiful without realizing you are doing it stare- to look directly at something for a long time without moving your eyes,for example because you are angry, very interested, or are thinking hard about something. gape- to look at something with your mouth open when you are very surprised or shocked peer-(+ at/across/through) to look very carefully or hard, especially because you are having difficulty in seeing. peep- to look at something quickly and secretly. glint-a look in someone?s eyes which shows an unfriendly feeling. glare-to look angrily at sb for a long time (+at) resemblance-a similarity between two things appearance-the way somebody or something looks view-what you are able to see; your opinion about sth (+on,about) sight-ability to see,act of seeing,sth you can see look- appearance of somebody or something outlook-a view from a particular place; your general attitude to life and the world (+on) overlook-a short description of a subject or situation that gives only main idea without any details notice- to see,hear or feel something remark-to say sth,especially about sth you?ve just notice;sth what you say when you express your opinion or say what you have noticed answers : 1. glared 2. stare 3.outlook 4. noticed 5.glimpse 6.look 7.view 8.resemblance 9.glance 10.gaped.

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