The world of feelings


Happiness and unhappiness
Positive feelings: ecstatic, content, cheerful, grateful, delighted
Negative feelings: miserable, discontented, fed-up, sick and tired, depressed, frustrated, confused, mixed up

Excitement, anger and anxiety
Positive feelings: excited, inspired, enthusiastic, thrilled
Negative feelings: cross, furious, livid, seething, in a rage, anxious, nervous, apprehensive, worried, upset

Phrasal verbs describing feelings
I hope this good news cheers you up. Cheer up!
Tom’s fallen for Anna and can’t take his eyes off her!
I always got on with Sarah: we never quarreled.
We struck up a friendship as soon as we met.
I took to Sue at once and we soon became good friends.
When he heard the sad news, he broke down and wept.
We were very cut up when we heard about the accident.
I’m fed up with listening to all your complaints.
Ben fell out with Annie and stopped speaking to her.
You let me down. I waited an hour but you never came.

Idioms describing feelings or mood
Susan is as happy as the day is long.
Mary seems to be on cloud nine these days.
Everyone seemed to be in high spirits.
She seems to be keeping her chin up.
He had a face as long as a fiddle.
She looked down in the dumps.
Bill is in a black mood.
Mark was like a bear with a sore throat.
She was scared stiff.
She frightened the life out of him.
We were all shaking our shoes.
I jumped out of my skin when I heard the bang.

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