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Please rush me the following program(s):

Check Windows Disk size: 5.25____ 3.5____

Name of Windows Word Processor: ____________________

Number                                           Cost

_____Grammar Slammer @ $25 _____

_____Grammar Slammer Deluxe @ $39 _____

_____G.S. Deluxe with Checkers @ $49 _____

Shipping & Sales Tax _____


Total Enclosed ______

Payment in US money on US bank only or Master Card/ Visa

Canada and Mexico add $3 shipping, all other countries outside of USA add $5 shipping.

Connecticut residents add 6% Sales Tax

Ask about terms for site licenses.

Card No.____________________________

Cardholder Name______________________

Expiration Date____________

Thank you for your order!

Print this page and send order to: English Plus, 11 Bartholomew Ave., Ansonia CT 06484 USA

You may also contact author at bair_ab72@post.harvard.edu

Click here for a sample of Spelling Vanquish, the companion program to Grammar Slammer that together with Grammar Slammer makes up Grammar Slammer Deluxe.

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