Christmas vocabulary

Christmas Vocabulary
Christmas Vocabulary
Gap-Fill Exercise

carols chimney Christmas Eve eggnog mass mistletoe ornaments reindeer sleigh stockings

Susan : Merry Christmas, come on in and take off your coat - it's cold out there.

Stephan : Merry Christmas. Let me take off my boots, I don't want to get snow all over the place.

Susan : Would you like some ...... ? It's a traditional Christmas drink made with milk, eggs, vanilla and rum.

Stephan : That sounds delicious! I'd love some.

Susan : So, are you ready to decorate the tree? The kids are in the living room right now unpacking the ...... and preparing the lights. Oh, Stephan, you're standing under the ......! You have to give me a kiss.

Stephan : That's a nice Christmas tradition. I brought you a little gift. It's a CD of traditional Christmas ...... from my country. I hope you like it.

Susan : Oh, how wonderful, let's put it on right now while we are decorating the tree.

Stephan : I don't really know much about Christmas in America. How do you celebrate it here?

Susan : Well, usually the family gets together on ...... and has a nice dinner. Some people go to midnight ......, others stay at home and celebrate with their families and friends. Some people open a gift or two, but my family is very traditional. We wait until Christmas morning to open the gifts from Santa.

Stephan : I have heard American children talking about Santa Claus. How do you describe him in the States?

Susan : In America, we have a very set picture of Santa Claus. He dresses in red and white clothes and travels in a magic ......pulled by flying ...... . He enters your house by climbing down the ......, and he leaves gifts under the Christmas tree and in ...... which we hang above the fire place.

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