Comparison of adjectives

To compare people, places, events or things, when there is no difference, use as + adjective + as:
Peter is 24 years old. John is 24 years old. Peter is as old as John.
More examples:

Moscow is as cold as St. Petersburg in the winter.
Ramona is as happy as Raphael.
Einstein is as famous as Darwin.
A tiger is as dangerous as a lion.

Difference can also be shown by using not so/as
Mont Blanc is not as high as Mount Everest
Norway is not as sunny as Thailand
A bicycle is not as expensive as a car
Arthur is not as intelligent as Albert

To show difference: more, less, fewer + than

With countable nouns: more / fewer
Eloise has more children than Chantal.
Chantal has fewer children than Eloise.
There are fewer dogs in Cardiff than in Bristol
I have visited fewer countries than my friend has.
He has read fewer books than she has.

With uncountable nouns: more / less
Eloise has more money than Chantal.
Chantal has less money than Eloise.
I spend less time on homework than you do.
Cats drink less water than dogs.
This new dictionary gives more information than the old one.

So, the rule is:
MORE + nouns that are countable or uncountable
FEWER + countable nouns
LESS + uncountable nouns

To show no difference: as much as , as many as, as few as, as little as
as many as / as few as + countable nouns
as much as / as little as + uncountable nouns

With countable nouns:
They have as many children as us.
We have as many customers as them.
Tom has as few books as Jane.
There are as few houses in his village as in mine.
You know as many people as I do.
I have visited the States as many times as he has.

With uncountable nouns:
John eats as much food as Peter.
Jim has as little food as Sam.
You've heard as much news as I have.
He's had as much success as his brother has.
They've got as little water as we have.

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