Direct Method

Direct Met

Direct Method

founder: Berlitz


1.                   traditional, conventional

2.                   assumption: knowing a lg = being able to speak, contact with native speakers is more important than methodology

3.                   aim: teaching and developing conversational skills, conversational proficiency in foreign lg

4.                   manner:

r)    direct contact with the person who speaks the target lg, who speaks in a natural and untrained way

s)   classroom situations should be as similar as possible to natural surroundings (students should be immersed in real life situationsthrough realia, body lg, suitable context


1.       teacher - can't use the native lg, he or she is a source of lg

2.       self-correction rather than teacher’s correction (to encourage students to speak as much as possible)

3.       all lg skills are practised but first speaking, then reading, then writing

4.       grammar is explained only inductively

5.       students are partners, students are not passive, they can initiate conversation

6.       two kinds of syllabi: situation-based and topic-based

7.       techniques: reading aloud, questions (teacher) - answers (full sentences), conversation practice (among students), filling blanks, dictation, map drawing, paragraph writing, emphasis on conversational activities


drawbacks: not systematic, no gradation of material, lg is not treated systematically, vocabulary is not divided into levels



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