Bull kills its third man in 10 years during festival in eastern Spain


high price for festival appearances

An inquiry was launched on Sunday after a 29-year-old man was gored to death by a bull during a festival in eastern Spain.

The man, whose name was not released, died at a hospital in the town of Xativa on Saturday.

A regional government official said an investigation into the goring had been opened.

The 500 kilogram bull – named Raton – has killed two other members of the public during festivals over 10 years. Because of the animal's reputation, his owners reportedly earn €10,000 (£8,750) each time it appears at a festival.

"He's the one that gets the highest prices," owner Gregorio de Jesus said of Raton. "But still he works out the cheapest because wherever he goes organizers double the ticket price."

Television images showed the man being tossed in the air and then hit along the ground in Xativa's bullring.

In Spain, many summer festivals feature bull runs in streets or bullrings, where revellers can come close to the beasts.

Witness accounts cited by Valencia's Las Provincias newspaper said the man appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and had been escorted back to his seat in the stands during the bull run immediately before Raton's appearance.

He then made his way back down to the ring before the incident.

account: zeznanie, sprawozdanie

command: wymagać, żądać

gore: brać na rogi, bóść

inquiry: śledztwo

launch: wszczynać

release: ujawniać

reportedly: podobno

reveller: hulaka, uczestnik imprezy

toss: rzucać

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