Motorised ice cream cone has drips licked


Steven Morris
Tuesday June 10, 2008
The Guardian

It is the perfect invention for the ice-cream lover who, on an energy-sapping hot summer's day, really cannot find the strength to lick their 99 flake into shape.

Instead of using wrist power to turn the cone and keep the ice cream in place, a new, motorised, rotating cone can do the hard work for you. Filling the removable cup with ice cream is as difficult as it gets. Otherwise, the instructions are clear.

Position the tongue adjacent to the ice cream, press a button and the cone spins round in an anticlockwise direction. The need to twist, turn and manoeuvre the tongue is gone.

The battery-operated gadget was invented by a US firm but is going on sale in the UK. Claire Budgen, spokeswoman for British distributors Kitchen Craft, said: "We've all had the experience of quickly licking an ice cream into shape before it starts to melt under the sun.

"It can give the tongue quite a workout. All you have to do is put your tongue on to the ice cream rather than lick. It really is a lazy person's ice cream cone as it does everything for you."

Budgen said the cup could be easily removed so it could be washed up - presumably in a dishwasher, for surely nobody who buys a powered ice cream cone would wash up by hand. Kitchen Craft are selling the device for £5.75.

99 flake – rodzaj lodów w rożku (firmy Cadbury)

adjacent – przyległy, przylegający

anticlockwise direction – kierunek przeciwny do ruchu wskazówek zegara

cone – rożek (na lody)

energy-sapping – pozbawiający energii

manoeuvre – manewrować, kierować

melt – roztapiać się

position - umiejscawiać

presumably – prawdopodobnie, przypuszczalnie

spin round – obracać się w kółko

workout – ćwiczenia fizyczne, zaprawa sportowa

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