Poland tries to lure back UK emigrants


Poland tries to lure back UK emigrants



The Polish government is planning a massive advertising campaign in the UK media calling for emigrant Poles to return to their homeland.

Polish government officials are planning the UK media ad campaign as they bid to lure back the estimated 1 million Poles who have left for the UK since the country joined the EU in 2004, according to today's edition of Polish daily newspaper Polska.

The campaign would include placing whole-page ads in British newspapers encouraging Poles to return home, Polska reported.

Leaders of Polish industry have complained of massive shortfalls of workers in many sectors and the government ads will be part of a huge push to entice UK-based citizens back to Poland.

The Polish construction industry has been hardest hit by the exodus of plumbers and builders to the UK and companies say there are thousands of vacancies in the sector.

Government officials also plan to issue a brochure, A Handbook for Re-emigrants, to inform Poles abroad about practical matters concerning their return including advice on current Polish house prices, how to rent a flat, how to set up a firm and where to get loans.

The handbook is to be handed out with Polish language papers, in churches, embassies and other popular Polish haunts abroad.

Next month the Polish government will also launch a website offering the same information, plus contact email addresses for potential returning emigrants' questions.

bid – proponować, oferować, prosić

entice – wabić, kusić, nęcić

haunt – miejsce spotkań

launch – wydawać, wprowadzać na rynek

lure back – wabić z powrotem

shortfall – niedobór, niedostatek, brak

vacancy – wakat, wolne stanowisko pracy

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