Sock it to them


Sock it to them

Jess Cartner-Morley
The Guardian

You know what's obsessing the fashion desk right now? Which Christopher Kane velvet micro-frock to wear to the office Christmas party? How many calories in a Bellini? Not quite. Actually, the hot topic is socks.

Last winter, we wore skinny jeans with boots. This meant socks could be hideous because no one saw them. There was a slightly shaming moment in Jimmy Choo, when I tried on a pair forgetting the socks I was wearing didn't even match, but generally socks were a below-the-radar issue. The winter before that, we were in the prehistoric age when trousers were worn straight, even slightly bootcut, and fell to sit on the toe of your shoe, so you could wear any old socks or tights.

 Some wise souls have skirted the issue again this year, by plumping for wide-legged trousers, but not being what you would describe as "willowy" I find plumping is a sadly accurate term for these. By late summer, I had found a trouser style I could work with: narrow-legged black ones, or Gap's ankle-length jodhpurs, with bare feet and court shoes.

Then it got cold. And suddenly, the trouser-dressing thing was hijacked by the hosiery issue. The first cold day, I discovered that an even slightly scruffy pair of socks between the trouser and shoe could undo all the hard work I had put into finding a pair of narrow trousers that looked OK. The next day I braved bare feet again, but not only was I cold, my feet were white and ugly, and that looked wrong, too. The third day, I considered sheer tights under trousers, but that looked as if my feet were filthy.

It turns out what you need are ribbed socks. Like ribbed tights, they are cooler than plain opaques. Plus, they are handily non-slip. Ribbed socks: this Christmas's hippest stocking filler. Fashion, eh?

hosiery – wyroby pończosznicze; pończochy i skarpetki

jodhpurs- bryczesy

opaque - nieprzezroczysty

plump for- decydować się na

ribbed - prążkowany

skirt- omijać

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