Things You Learn While Playing Computer Games

Things You Learn While Playing Computer Games

1. There are no troubles violence cannot solve.
2. If it moves, DESTROY IT!
3. Driving a vehicle is always very simple and doesn't require learning.
4. One good guy can kill hundreds of bad guys.
- Bad guys always move in set patterns.
- Except the boss, most of the enemies die after one shot.
5. If you see food on the floor, eat it.
6. You will not be punished if you break things.
- Breaking things isn't bad. Many useful things are hidden inside other things.
7. If someone dies, he dissapears.
8. Money frequently lies on the ground.
9. Using a weapon is easy and definitely procedular.
10. You never run out of ammo, just out of grenades.
11. It's not important how long you fight, you can always fight again.
12. Death is repeatable (but only for you).
13. When the big boss is almost dead, he starts changing color.
14. When you start, you fall from the sky (stork?) and are invincible for some time.
15. All women that know martial arts are half naked and have beautiful bodies.
16. All men that know martial arts are full of muscles and angry expressions on
their faces.
17. Shoot everything. If it explodes or dies, it was evil. If it doesn't, try
to take it - it's probably a bonus or upgrade.
18. A 200:1 chance is NOT a problem for you.
19. Gang members look totally identical and have identical names.
20. When you're vehicle racing, don't worry if your vehicle crashes and explodes.
A new one will appear on the same spot.

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