Copyright Notice and Acknowledgments

Grammar Slammer Copyright Notice

Copyright Notice and Acknowledgments

The content of Grammar Slammer in any format--including but not limited to digital, Windows Help, HTML, Adobe PDF, paper, and print--is copyrighted under the laws of the United States of America and all international copyright conventions to which the United States of America subscribes. Any reproduction of any part of this without the permission of English Plus+ or the author is prohibited. "Fair use" for review or quotation purposes is permitted. Under normal practice, fair use is defined as fewer than 500 words or eight quotations, whichever comes first.

Those who have purchased copies of Grammar Slammer or Grammar Slammer Deluxe in any format are free to use it as they would any book which they own. They may make copies for archival purposes only, except as covered by fair use. You are not free to photocopy a book and then pass it on. In the same way, you may not duplicate any copy of Grammar Slammer or Grammar Slammer Deluxe in any format to any other format without permission of the copyright holder. (That is what copyright means, the right to make copies.) Any downloading of multiple pages or PDF files or any other format except for time-limited demonstration purposes is expressly prohibited.


There are many people to thank over the years including the many users and readers of Grammar Slammer who have offered suggestions and corrections. Proofreaders including Dr. Clark and Chris Copeland were especially helpful. The staff at MPI Corporation and Christian Heritage School were kind enough to lend computer time. Unofficial best tester Mark Knipfer, Dan Getz currently of Central Connecticut State University, and the staff at Albert's Ambry and the CompuServe Education Forum have been indispensable. Thanks also to Dave Baldwin for his RTFGEN Help File Authoring system. Spelling and Grammar Checker engines on the advanced editions of Grammar Slammer Deluxe are licensed by Wintertree Software and used with their permission.

We dedicate this program to the memory of Connecticut yankee Noah Webster. While Webster is best known today for publishing the first dictionary and spelling books in English North America, he also made an invaluable contribution to many of the freedoms Americans treasure. Webster was familiar with the form of government in Connecticut which was based not on the theocratic Puritan Massachusetts form as much as on the pattern of Plymouth Colony. In Plymouth the government was instituted only for the protection of life, liberty, and property. The church and the individual were responsible for such things as teaching, religion, press, speech, and so on. Webster wrote George Washington a letter about these things and met with him shortly before Washington attended the United States Constitutional Convention. While many other individuals contributed to the writing of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, Webster as much as anyone articulated the basic principles which would establish the American Constitution as an example of liberty and responsibility that the world had not seen since the fall of Israel to Babylon.

To all our readers and users we say:

Thank you for your help and cooperation, and may all your anguish be vanquished,
Your friends at English Plus+

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