Disney is in uninspired mode for a version of the Grimm fairytale about the hairy heroine. By Peter Bradshaw

    • Peter Bradshaw
    • guardian.co.uk, Thursday 27 January 2011
      1. Tangled
      2. Production year: 2010
      3. Country: USA
      4. Cert (UK): PG
      5. Runtime: 100 mins
      6. Directors: Byron Howard, Nathan Greno
      7. Cast: Donna Murphy, Mandy Moore, Ron Perlman, Zachary Levi
      8. More on this film

      We are often and rightly said to be living in a new golden age of animation. Just occasionally, though, you get something a bit leaden. Rapunzel gets a very ordinary updating in this Disney picture, raiding duller moments from the Shrek movies for ideas, and sporting a laboured selection of Broadway-style showtunes – signalling that someone, somewhere clearly wants to turn this into a lucrative global franchise on stage, maybe with a cast in each country culled from a selection of hopefuls competing in some reality TV show. Despite the title, Rapunzel's hair stays as lustrous and untroubled as something from a shampoo ad; extreme girliness is of course the order of the day, but those great big doe eyes really are verging on the absurd. Even given that movies like Wall-E, Up and the Toy Stories have probably spoiled us all, this just looks like a cynical money-machine.

      cull: czerpać

      doe: łania

      laboured: ciężki, mozolny

      leaden: ciężki

      lucrative: intratny

      lustrous: błyszczący

      sport: żartować, nabijać się

      verge on: graniczyć z  


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