John R. Ridge: The Sabbath Bells

THE SABBATH bells are ringing
  With clear and cheerful notes,
And from the steeple springing,
  Far off the music floats.
To yonder mountain reaches,        5
  The ever rising strain,
And Echo’s dying speeches
  Repeat it o’er again.
The summer woodlands filling,
  The solemn cadence rolls,        10
And through the leaves is thrilling
  Like soft, pulsating souls.
The air with rippling motion,
  Aeolian answer gives,
And like a trembling ocean,        15
  Its outspread bosom heaves.
The far horizon sweeping,
  Each tone majestic swells,
And all the world is leaping
  Beneath the sounding bells.        20
’Tis solemn, yet ’tis cheerful,
  A clear and pleasant voice.
That bids the sad and tearful
  Be hopeful and rejoice.
Let Sabbath morns unclouded        25
  Still hear these tones of peace.
For earth with woe is shrouded
  When Sabbath bells shall cease.

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