Dying to be an actor

Anglorama nr 1/2006 (33)

Dying to be an actor

Wiele osób skrycie marzy o karierze aktorskiej i blasku jupiterów. Takim osobom   historia opisana przez Marka Gee powinna dać do myślenia.

More and more people get hooked up to the Internet every year. You can read news from all around the world, meet new friends and find all different kinds of music. And that’s just for starters. But for one man in America, the net’s sole purpose is to find him a job. Chuck Lamb is, you could say, quite literally dying to be in the movies.

The 47-year-old has put together a gallery of pictures of him lying as a corpse. His dream is that a producer will look at the site and decide he is the best candidate to play a dead person. Pictures of Lamb squashed by a garage door, stuck in a window frame and crushed by a Christmas tree are just some of the images on view to visitors of www.deadbodyguy.com. Bizarre, you may think. But this computer programmer from Columbus is taking the world by storm. One million people, from 85 countries have now seen the site. Married Lamb wants to see his name on the credits of just one film and won’t give up until he has achieved that goal. Despite all the interest in his site, no one has approached him with a job offer. But why does he only want to appear as a dead person in a film? That, Lamb says, is simple: “I have absolutely no acting experience. I am not good looking at all. I have a bit of a southern accent. So what can I bring to the table for any well respected TV or movie producer?” So why should a producer sign up Chuck? “I have fair skin - ever see a corpse with a good tan? I have no tattoos so people can't say: I know that guy." Because he is not already a star there will be no salary negations. And with many friends, more people will see the movie.
Most all of all, movie producers will be helping this guy live his dream.

Mark Gee

sole - wyłączny
to be dying to do sth –  marzyć o zrobieniu czegoś
corpse - zwłoki
squashed - ściśnięty
stuck – zaklinowany
credits – napisy końcowe w filmie
to bring to the table – wnieść wkład

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