Drivers' Purgatory

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Poland's membership in the European Union has made life easier for EU citizens facing the lumbering Polish bureaucracy, but some things are still left to iron out. British citizens using old-style driving licences may face problems getting them accepted by Polish authorities, despite the fact that Poles can drive in the UK on old style Polish licences for as long as they are valid. The British consulate advises any holder of an older-style driving licence to exchange it for a new EU-format licence with a photo, or to supplement it with an international driving permit. The exact legality of an older style British licence not accompanied by an IDP appears to be a matter of debate. EU law is clear, but Polish regulations are slightly less so.
The same lack of reciprocity appears when a British citizen wishes to exchange his or her British licence for a Polish one. The British Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority confirmed that a Polish licence holder can exchange an old-style Polish licence by simply filling in a form and paying a small fee. However, a British licence holder must complete a Polish driving test (in Polish) before being allowed to exchange the licence for a Polish one.
The inequality is not likely to disappear soon. "The British Embassy is looking into the matter and expect clarification in due course" said British consul Niall Cullens.


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