Kill Bill Vol. 2

Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "New Warsaw Express"

For those worried, somewhere in their hearts, that the second half of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill would fall short of the exhilarating first, fear not. Part II is pretty much all you could hope for. It has all the same movie referencing, phenomenal fighting, and overwhelming soundtrack and visuals that we've come to expect from Tarantino. But more importantly there's an emotional payoff that, for all the visual fireworks, Kill Bill Part I avoided.
What else to say? Part II takes some time to fill in the gaps in the past left by the first movie. We find out what the wedding shooting of Uma Thurman's "Bride" was all about, where the rest of Bill's gang fit in, and see the Bride's original martial arts training with Chinese legend Gordon Liu.
Intertwined with this is the Bride's continuing search for revenge against Bill and the other gang members. The action comes thick and fast, but there's also more dialogue than the first movie, and the performances of David Carradine as Bill and Thurman herself are nothing short of astonishing. And beside them and the rest of a flawlessly chosen cast, we have Tarantino's ability to pace a film well and create unusual and powerful visual set-pieces.
Overall, the lesson of Kill Bill Part II is a simple one: Tarantino remains at the absolute top of the cinema league, a director of bona fide originality whose gift is in no danger of fading. So if you thought splitting the film into two seemed like a ruse to get you to pay twice. Think again - instead of two hours of mainstream Tarantino, we've now been gifted more than four of premium - and on occasion awe-inspiring - movie-making. Let's hope it doesn't take him another six years to make the next.

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