Peter Bradshaw
Friday April 4, 2008
The Guardian

Here's the weirdest, wackiest film of the week, one with the biggest laughs, anyway - intentional or not. Maybe it should be in a double-bill with The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, a film with, ahem, similar themes. It's a mystery thriller whose appreciation depends on being acquainted with the bizarre phenomenon of "anaesthetic awareness": those poor souls who reportedly discover too late that they are immune to general anaesthetic and stay awake during their operation - that is, awake enough to feel the agony, but immobilised so that they cannot scream out a warning. The movie duly flashes up an explanatory note about this phenomenon as the opening credits roll, but, bafflingly, the film appears not to have anything to do with it for quite some time, and its existence only becomes apparent towards the end, as a very eccentric sort of plot enabler. Hayden Christensen plays Clayton, the wealthy but sickly heir to a financial corporation run by his imperious widowed mother (Lena Olin), from whom he must conceal his engagement to a young woman from a poor background (Jessica Alba). Clayton has a serious cardiac problem, and is on the waiting list for a transplant, a procedure to be carried out by his medical buddy Dr Jack Harper (Terrence Howard). The twists and turns in the plot are diverting in a ridiculous way, but it's a film you watch in a state of incredulous inertia, tormented by the agonising implausibility, yet too paralysed with boredom to do anything about it.


agonising- sprawiający cierpienie

bafflingly- zaskakująco

divert- zmieniać kierunek

immune (to)- odporny (na)

implausibility- niskie prawdopodobieństwo

inertia – bezwład, inercja

tormented- udręczony

twists and turns- zwroty, skręty

wacky- dziwaczny, ekscentryczny

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