Perfect Stranger

Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "Guardian"

Perfect Stranger

Peter Bradshaw
Friday April 13, 2007
The Guardian

The time has come for that beautiful and talented star Halle Berry to fire her agent, or her astrologer, or her Pilates instructor, or her chiropodist, or whichever gibbering Svengali it is who's advising her to take duff role after duff role. Gothika was pure horror (and not in a good way) and Catwoman was the mangiest moggy imaginable. Her slow-motion career hara-kiri continues with this unwatchably awful steamy thriller. She plays an investigative journalist who goes undercover to find out the truth about super-rich adman and philanderer Bruce Willis who appears to have had a tiresome ex-girlfriend whacked.

Instead of eroticism, there is tacky sub-porn; instead of twists, there are knotty plot problems which may or may not have been fixable with script rewrites. Berry's reporter buddy, played by Giovanni Ribisi, is one of those convenient nerdy tech-savant characters who can hack into ultra-secure databases with dizzying speed. Willis gives a one-note demi-smirk performance, and his macho corporate-taipan act becomes absurd when he literally picks up a duplicitous underling and flings him out of the office with much crashing and smashing of glass. Berry should be thinking of doing something similar to her manager.

adman- autor reklam
advise- doradzać
buddy- kumpel
chiropodist- pedikurzysta
convenient - dogodny
demi-smirk- demi-- pół-; smirk- usmieszek
dizzying- zawrotny
duff- do niczego
duplicitous- dwulicowy
fire- wylac, wyrzucić
fixable- do naprawienia
fling out- wyrzucać za drzwi
gibber- bełkotać
investigative- śledczy
mangy- parszywy
moggy- kocisko
nerdy- kujonowaty
philanderer- babiarz
steamy- tu: erotyczny
tacky- tandetny
tech-savant- specjalista od zagadnień technicznych, techniczny erudyta
undercover- tajny
underling- podwładny
whack- grzmocić, walić


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