My Own Private Idaho

INSIDE OF MIKE'S thoughts. He is flying over the city streets,
above the Mercedes Benz, effortlessly hovering and gilding above it, between the buildings. Like a bird.

Mike wakes and looks at Scottie, who is talking to

The first time I met Scott, I had a feeling he was a sort of comic
book hero. He was always saying the right thing at the right
moment, and standing up for me
when there was no reason to. Look
at his face now, when the sunlight
shines off his lower lip, like it
is the face of some sort of
statue. Strong and soft at the
same time. I never could figure
what Scott was doing here with
us on the street in the first
place, like he was on some sort of
crusade, to help the poor. Because
he really did come from a rich
Portland family. I know because he
brought me to his house one day
and showed me around. I mean, wow,
they were rich. They even had a
swimming pool. Scott's the only
kid that I had ever met that had a
swimming pool. I'd make a bet with
anybody right now, that Scott is a
saint or a hero, or some such
higher placed person.

Gary and Ray are talking. Ray, who is a Chicano street kid, is
looking poetically off into the distance.

My father was a gaucho. But nobody
gonna find him. He killed a guy
and split. Nobody gonna find that
fuck. I never gonna find him.

Ray spits into the gutter and the spit drifts in a small stream made by the shop-owner who was washing his windows, down the
street and into drainage grating.

View of MIKE as he closes his eyes, oblivious to what is going on
around him.

The music in a DISCO blares, at night, and all we can see is
Mike's face, sleeping. The disco MUSIC STOPS, and the lights go

A broom passes by Mike's head.

Finally, THE MANAGER'S SHOES appear at his head.

What's wrong with him? Passed

The shoes prod Mike.

Hey, wake up.

Mike wakes up in a WARD ROOM BED in the daytime.

He looks around him. The room has a lot of light, windows
practically on all sides of the room. There are other DETOX men
and women in other beds. Mike gets up and starts to walk out, but
he is wearing a gown.

A nurse stops him.

Excuse me. Are you all right?

Yeah. I'm fine.

(Mike looks around the room.)


If you're going to leave us, it's
okay, but we need you to sign out,
and you'll need to get your
clothes from downstairs.

Oh. Yeah. (he pauses and looks
around the place.) Do you live

Why... no. But sometimes I feel
like I do.

The nurse walks him over to a clipboard on a desk. Mike signs the
board, and she gives him a receipt.

What's this?


That's Just a receipt. if you
don't want it. You can throw it
. That's what most people do
with it.

Then we cut to Mike's face at night. As his eyes open he takes a
look around him, a little dazed, trying to figure where he is. We
see he is under a store awning. A lot of fog is rolling across
the street.

A twenty-eight-year-old woman stops in a Mercedes Benz sedan. She motions Mike to get inside the car.

Dazed, Mike looks at the car, then responds.

This chick is living in a new car

Inside a hallway entrance to the woman's home. Mike and the woman
take off their jackets.

This is like a dream. A pretty
woman never picks me up.

Mike begins to caress her arm.

They don't? Well. I don't see why

Is this your house?

LADY (caressing his head)

Mike follows the woman into her...

Living room where sit Scottie and Gary on a plush sofa. Mike sees



Mike sits down in an easy chair next to the sofa.

What's up, Gary? Scottie?

Hey, dude.

You men make yourselves
comfortable, and I'll be right
back. There're cokes in the
refrigerator - help yourself.

They watch her go.

She's cool. She just likes to have
three guys, 'cause - it takes her
a little while to get warmed up.
It's normal. Nothing kinky.


Mike looks around the room. Gary leans closer to Mike.

Hey, did you get into that Van
Halen concert last night?

I've never been to a concert,

awning- markiza, daszek nad wejściem
blare- ryczeć
broom - szczotka
caress - pieścić
chick - dziewczyna
clipboard- podkładka do pisania
crusade- krucjata, misja
dazed- oszołomiony
drainage grating- kratka kanalizacji
drift- dryfować
dude- facet
effortlessly - bez wysiłku
figure out- rozwiązać (problem),
gaucho- kowboj pochodzenia europejsko- indiańskiego
gilde- szybować
gown- koszula nocna
gutter- ściek
hover- unosić się
kinky- perwersyjny, zboczony
lean - pochylać się
make a bet- zakładać się
meanwhile- w międzyczasie
motion- dawać znak ręką
pass out- zemdleć
pick somebody up- odebrać kogoś / podrywać
prod- szturchać
receipt- pokwitowanie
show somebody around- oprowadzać kogoś
sign out- wypisywać (się)
spit- pluć
split- rozdzielać, oddzielać
stand up for- stanąć w obronie (czyjejś lub czegoś)
throw something away- wyrzucać (coś)

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