My dream job

When I was young , in my childhood I wanted to be a fireman like others boys . Obviously my plans for the future have changed . Nowdays I think about future quite a lot . Actually I try to get good marks , becouse I want to graduate from school , than pass the entrance examination , subsequently I want to be a university grauduate with a university degree . I'm convinced that my ambition and plan is not enough but I hope that I get by .
Presently I spend a lot of time with computer . Nowdays this branch of economic is really gravy train , so I want to deal with computer science . Specialist of market claimed , that computer science holds up hope for satisfying job and well paid job . This work first of all relates to people who are all the way prepared to working flexible hours . As I can see this work has good prospects . So at lesiure time ( besides ride a bike ) I try to become skilled in computer science . I make programms , websites . This work will be sure enjoyable job for me . I've taken fancy to computers since 1998 . In this year my adventure with hardware begins . With passage of time I've found out many things about problems with computer . Work by the sweat of my brow is not a good resoultion for me , so I will try to take advantage of my brain . I want to be a white collar worker as my father .
In conclusion I should say that computers are my destination .In summary now I am so apprehensive about futute whenever I must choose which way I will go .
Now it's year 2009 . I deal with computing . I work as computer scientist . I'm person on high standing . I'm working from ten o'clock till night . Whole day I spend in the office due to a lot od work in addiction I work at weekands . I'm workoholic . The truth is that I can't imagine my life without computers . I love my job , becouse it giving me satisfaction and full of joy . Besides this advantages I've earn a lot of money . I can afford to buy myselfthe best model of sport's car . So I am lucky , in spite of I haven't started a family and I haven't got married , but for it I will find a bit of time . I hope so .

Paweł Siwczyk

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