My odd sleep

I was walking down the street, but what was that street...?

Full of dust and little stones. I couldn’t remind what was this place. It seemed to

me like a very old town.

Suddenly I saw a man, who was wearing very strange clothes, like from

16th century... I crossed the steel gate and there I saw really a lot of people. All

of them were wearing the same clothes as that man, who I saw earlier.

Suddenly a lady with a small baby asked me about something but I wasn’t able

to understand her because it was too loud there. She wanted to give me her

baby. I wondered why. I took it and she ran away. I didn’t know what was going

on. I held this baby and didn’t know what to do with it. I looked round and I

wanted to ask about it somebody, but nobody was able to answer on my

question. They told me only that I should hide myself. The baby started to cry...

I noticed that it was a girl and she was really hungry. I tried to buy some

milk for her. Nobody wanted to accept my money...I begged a lady, who was

selling milk, cottage cheese, eggs and butter, for giving me only a little milk.

Only for a baby. Eventually she agreed and I had some food for this small girl.

But she was still crying. I changed her a diaper and I saw a gold necklace with a

very small heart... after changing the diaper the girl fall asleep.

While she was sleeping. I tried to find her mother. It wasn’t easy, because

there were lots of people and everyone was running somewhere. It seemed to be

like a panic.
Suddenly I saw soldiers and somebody pulled me back. This was this lady!

I was so happy when I saw her. She explained to me, that she was a princess and

this small girl was her daughter. They had to run away from the castle because

the rebelliants wanted to succeed the king. She had to come back to the castle

because of very important documents, but with a baby she wasn’t able to do it.

To thank me she gave me this gold necklace with a heart. I took it and I

woke up... I thought “ Yes it was only a dream thank God...” I stood up and I

saw this necklace with a heart on my desk... “What’s going on...!?”

Alicja Giza

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