My star sign-Aries

My star sign is Aries.Its element is fire, planet is Mars-mythological god war.Happy day-tuesday but my favourite day is saturday.Colours are: red, black and white and I agree with it but I prefer violet instead of red.My stones are: diament,ruby and garnet.I don't know if I should agree with it because I haven't favourite stone.Arie's metal is iron.It is written that plant and smell are lavender, wormwood and pepper.Sign positive are brave, honest and courge.I agree with it but I don't agree with courage because I think that I'm rather shy.Sign negative are serious, impulsive but I think that I'm not serious but more for example stubborn or careless because mostly I first do and than I think.Here and there is write that my motto is:"I am".But I don't know what I should understand by this.Aries is first star sign and symbolize beginning.People who were born in this time characterize uncommon energy and force piercing.At the beginning cause impression person attractive, mabile and comunicative.Arieses are open on new ideas, love free and nature.And I agree with this.I like Dream and this agree with this what is written.Arieses are very optimistic and they can infect rest friends thisoptimism.Everything they want instantly and are very impatient.I think that I'm not impatient even if sometimes this is truth.People from under this sign are very independent, don't carry down when somebody delivers them recommendations and speak what and in what way to do something.Characteristic sign Arieses are huge honestly.They would have easier life if sometimes they think before something say.Arieses are born leaders, full taking up risk.Arieses rapid, enterprising and full energy even if frequent capricous, rowdy and downright unsupportable.

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