Ellie Parker

Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "Guardian"

Peter Bradshaw
Friday July 14, 2006
The Guardian

When you see a very famous actor in a low-budget movie, which they have co-produced with a little-known someone who is also the director and co-star - well, you suspect that the star is doing an old mate a favour for a vanity actor's project. It is very much how this looks.
Naomi Watts plays the lead in a low-budget feature, shot on video, directed by Scott Coffey and indulgently developed from a short he made five years ago, also starring Watts, about Ellie Parker, a desperate actor in crazy LA, going up for endless, humiliating auditions and thinking that she might have to change careers while there is still time.
For much of the time it plays like Curb Your Enthusiasm without the gags. But sometimes there are funny moments. After a long session with her therapist talking about her self-esteem issues, Ellie finds herself climbing into a dumpster to retrieve some head-shots and her therapist drives by to see Ellie apparently putting herself into the garbage. Ellie, a strict method actor, challenges a non-method friend to see who can cry the quickest. There are a few nice touches, but much that is really flimsy and dull. There is certainly nothing to compare with Watts's classic audition scenes in Lynch's Mulholland Drive. Chevy Chase - the lost figure from the Hollywood celebrity pantheon - has a droll cameo as Ellie's long-suffering agent.

vanity- próżność, bezcelowość
feature- film długometrażowy
indulgently- wyrozumiale
humiliating- upokarzający
audition- przesłuchanie (dla aktorów)
self-esteem- poczucie własnej wartości
issue- problem, sprawa, zagadnienie
dumpster- kontener na śmieci
retrieve- odzyskać
head-shot- zdjęcie głowy
apparently- wyraźnie, widocznie
challenge- rzucać wyzwanie; prowokować
flimsy- słaby, marny, lichy
celebrity- sława, słynna osoba
pantheon- panteon
droll- zabawny
cameo- perełka aktorska


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